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2) Bad photos

There are a lot of properties on the market. If you have a lot of deferred maintenance or unfinished projects then you are hindering your chances of a successful sale.

1) Price

This is the most unforgiving one. During this challenging real estate market it can be a quite frustrating situation. Notice that I said competent Realtor and not just Realtor. If the majority of the overpriced listings were taken off the market our inventory levels would start to come back down to a more balanced market which would make buyers comfortable that prices were not going to drop anymore. This will be one of your largest transactions ever. Buyers are very apprehensive today. No one wants to buy a mess and there are just too many other clean houses for sale out there. Compare your home objectively to this adjusted price to help arrive at a good asking price. Find an agent that is good at pricing. If that is the case there is no excuse to having an overpriced home. You are also clogging up the system to some extent. As a result, they are very scared and will only purchase if they feel like they are getting a deal. Buyers will pick the best deal in any type of market. If you want to pay peanuts many times you end up working with monkeys. There are too many other homes for sale out there. If you have a lot of deferred maintenance then you better have a good asking price.

4) Bad Realtor

Selling a home today is not an easy task. One reason buyers are sitting on the fence is because of the high inventory of homes for sale. Why should they pick your Yoga block home over your competitors? Look at the homes that you are in competition with and simply make your house a better value. For example, if a similar home sold 6 months ago for $300,000 and you are certain prices have dropped in your market then make price adjustments.
. Make sure you hire a good Realtor that has track record of selling homes. I want to save money just as much as the next guy however many times in life you get what you pay for. While scouring the MLS for properties to show I always gravitate towards the ones with several good photos. I periodically look at sales statistics of discount brokers and they are not that impressive.

Also, be leery of discount brokers. If you want top dollar for your home hire a good Realtor with a good marketing plan who supplies great photos, clean your home, repair your home and find a realistic asking price. This isnt rocket science. This is not the kind of market where you should hire your second cousin who got their real estate license so they could do it as a hobby. Put yourself in the buyers shoes. If you have a bad Realtor then you better have a good asking price.

The good thing about hiring a competent Realtor is that they will do this for you. They have seen their friends buy homes in 2004 &amp  2005 only to find their homes to be worth far less today. A dirty home also makes the home buyer think they have neglected maintaining the expensive to replace parts of the home like air conditioner, furnace and appliances.

3) Dirty home

Clean your house. If your Realtor does not take good photos then make him hire a professional photographer. Leave it in the hands of a full time professional Realtor. Your listing will attract more attention if you have great photos and a virtual tour.

Almost 9 out of 10 buyers start their home search on the internet. If you truly want to fetch top dollar for your home then you need to have it clean and showing well. You are only wasting your time, your Realtors time as well as any buyer that walks through the door. Find an agent that has a successful track record of making their listings sell. See a common theme here? The right asking price is crucial to a successful sale.

In conclusion, if you have bad photos then you better have a good asking price. They dont want to be in the same boat down the road.

Again, this is the biggest reason why your home has not sold. If your asking price is not in the ball park you are pretty much just wasting your time. If you have a dirty home then you better have a good asking price. Here are 5 reasons why your home may have not sold and what you can do about it. Otherwise, the buyers will walk in and out quickly.

In a perfect world you could find several similar properties to yours that have recently sold.

If you dont plan on having a realistic asking price dont put your house up for sale.This is a common question asked by many home sellers across the nation today. If you still want to sell and there is a lot of work needed on your home then your asking price better reflect that. Regardless, of whether the price is right or not. Find the most recent homes in your neighborhood and make price adjustments based on when the home sold. I am sure other Realtors do the same thing. To fetch top dollar make the necessary repairs and complete the unfinished projects around the house. This high inventory puts downward pressure on price which makes buyers sit tight. Selling your home in todays buyers market is certainly not an easy task.

Prices have been dropping over the last few years. This would make valuing your home easy. That $300,000 home may only be worth $270,000 today. It is hard to do this with lousy photos. You have to outshine your competitors. Some agents take any listing at any price because they need inventory to work on.

5) Deferred Maintenance

No one wants to buy your to do list.

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